7 COMMON Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are common beverages containing stimulants such as caffeine, ginseng, and guarana, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners like Sucralose, and water soluble-vitamins such as vitamin C and B-vitamins.

If not consumed excessively, they have health benefits such as reduction in fatigue and increased alertness. They are also good sources of energy required by your body to stay healthy and active.

However, due to the many ingredients contained in these drinks, consumers who drink them regularly may experience some side-effects, which usually lead to serious chronic diseases.

Since people have different genetic make-ups, these side-effects may differ between individuals, whereas some people may not experience them.

Common The Side Effects Of Consuming
Too Much Energy Drinks?

Common Side Effects Of Too Much Energy Drinks

· Cardiovascular Problems

These drinks can cause an electrical disturbance in your heart leading to a sudden loss of heart function, a condition called cardiac arrest (circulatory arrest).

The heart suddenly fails to pump blood to the brain and other vital organs, thus stopping the transfer of oxygen to these organs.

You then lose consciousness, and breathing becomes difficult. If this condition persists for about 5 minutes, it may result to a permanent brain damage leading to a sudden death.

In addition, these drinks may interfere with the underlying rate and rhythm mechanism of your heart, making your heart beat slower (bradycardia) or faster (tachycardia) than normal.

Your heart may also suffer from cardiac arrhythmia, a condition characterized with irregular contraction of the heart muscles.

These conditions may further lead to high blood pressure particularly when your heart beats faster than normal, forcing the blood against your heart artery walls.

· Insomnia

Evidences and studies indicate that energy drinks can lead to difficulty in falling asleep, waking up early the next morning although you slept late, and waking a number of times during the night than normal.

Not having enough sleep makes you feel irritated and tired, lowers your performance on your job at hand, and may also lead to disorders such as anxiety and depression.

In addition, sometimes conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension relate to insomnia.

Remember, it is while sleeping that your body recovers the lost muscles during the day and produces essential hormones.

· Dehydration

Energy drinks have diuretic properties, meaning they facilitate excessive loss of water from your body through the frequent urination.

Abstain from these drinks particularly during vigorous physical activity as it may lead to dehydration, body weakness, and fainting.

During exercise, inadequate amounts of water results to decreased sweating, increasing the risk of hyperthermia (abnormally high body temperature).

It is also advisable not to mix a depressant like alcohol and energy drinks since this action much facilitates dehydration.

· Type Two Diabetes

Since these drinks are high in sugars, they may interfere with the hormonal system making your body unable to make use of available insulin to control blood sugar levels.

This action usually leads to hyperglycemia, a condition characterized by high blood sugar levels.

· Allergic Reactions

Each day there are reports of hypersensitivity reactions to some people after consuming these drinks.

Studies indicate that these reactions are not common to most people, and those allergic reactions maybe behave differently to specific kinds of energy drinks.

The common symptoms associated with allergy include watery eyes, nausea leading to vomiting, wheezing, sneezing, runny nose and inflammation.

· Mood Swings

Although drinking these beverages is one of the ways to improve your body performance, accuracy, alertness and cheerlessness, regular and excessive intake can lead to an inappropriate response to an event (mood swings).

Your mood can change swiftly from a state of happiness to irritability, sad or mad.

These drinks interfere with your internal metabolic system, causing hormonal imbalance, which in turn leads to drastic mood changes.

· Other Minor Side Effects

These drinks may cause symptoms of some forms of cancers due to the presence of folic acid, but it is rare. Although folic acid may help your body make healthy cells, it sometimes leads to multiplication of abnormal cells that result to cancer.

In addition, some people have experienced extreme nervousness after taking these beverages, affecting their thinking capacity and leading to poor performance.

Moreover, others have reported severe headache particularly during their attempts to stop using these beverages.

Regular consumption of these drinks interferes with some neurotransmitters in your brain and makes your nervous system adapt to them. This action makes you dependent on them, and it becomes hard to withdraw from them.

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